Sunday, October 25, 2009

The First Time I Had Nothing To Contribute To A Conversation. Ever.

I like to talk.  I’m sure that isn’t a surprise to you.  I was always the girl in elementary school who had good grades but would “do much better if she wasn’t so busy talking during class”.  So I solved this problem by becoming a note passer and conducted conversations on paper.  Uh huh… that was me.  And all these years later not much has changed.  I still love to yack with people. 

Friday, at workout, I experienced something that just doesn’t happen to me.  A conversation was taking place amongst some of the women on the team, and for once in my life, I had nothing to contribute to the discussion.  And believe me, I was glad to have nothing to add.  They were talking about colonoscopies.  How long it takes to get an appointment, the diet you have to suffer through prior to it, their husbands experience with it… Yeah.  I heard it all.  Quite a bit more than I wanted to know in fact.  As I stood there and overheard the conversation, I thought to myself “My God.  Only at a masters swim workout would these words be exchanged on a pool deck”.

All I can say is that I hope they don’t come to workout while on their liquid diets.  If they do, I’m running the other way.   


  1. Well, I've had 2 and really the green stuff they make you drink the day before that "cleans you out" so to speak, is what you would want to avoid. My 86 year old dad says you have to drink it till it comes out cold.

    Kinda makes swimming with a runny nose not so bad huh?

  2. Your day will come, youngin'! :)

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