Friday, October 23, 2009

Lap Swimming vs. Masters Swimming

Yesterday I discovered the difference between lap swimming and going to my masters swim practice.  I’ve been busy playing catch up with work and life since I was traveling last week, so I missed workout on Wednesday. 

Instead of just “skipping" it totally, I went and swam laps on my lunch hour yesterday.  Half the pool was filled with youth swim lessons – i.e. lots of happy, screaming kids.  The bleachers were full of parents.  The lap lanes were – empty!    Go figure!  I didn’t have to deal with the challenge of sharing a lane with an incompatible lane buddy (haha).

That said, it was … lonely.  I missed my masters buddies.  I missed having an organized workout, with a coach giving sets and advice to focus on.  There was no one to laugh with, or talk about how out of shape we are.  Or even just to say hi to.  LOL! 

It was good for me to experience this.  I won’t complain anymore about lane hogs.  Yesterday I learned I’d rather swim with a lane hog than without one.  For me, the people are a big part of the fun.

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