Friday, October 2, 2009

This Just In...

I really needed a good laugh this afternoon, and well, I got one. Someone landed on my page by googling "Is snorting water good for you?". I about died laughing! So, to whomever is wondering if snorting water is good for you (quite frankly, *I* am wondering why *YOU* are wondering! But whatever. To each his own.) I cannot tell you whether or not it is "good", but I can tell you it hurts like hell.

Try this:
  1. Fill up the bath tub with warm water
  2. Get in the bath
  3. Stick your face in the water
  4. Snort in with your nose as hard as you can
  5. Burn, baby burn
  6. Continue to feel like you are stuffed up for the next 10 days
How can that possibly be "good" for you? I mean, I don't think it's going to kill you or anything, but.... "good"? 8-)


  1. I prefer snorting sea water...cut with a touch of whale urine! It doesn't hurt as much and does wonders for my sinuses. =)~


  2. Of all the things you could snort, chlorinated water might be one of the better ones for you. Could "water" be code for something that kids are into nowadays?