Monday, September 28, 2009

Measurement Monday

I’m still under the weather and decided not to go to workout today.  I’ve graduated from sleeping 24/7 to coughing up a lung.  I’m quite pissy, actually, about not going to practice.  I’m sure Bikini Girl could have lost a limb and SHE would go to practice.  Ugh.  I am such a wimp sometimes.

Anyway, since I had nothing more exciting to talk about today I decided to do my measurements a day early to see if I had lost any inches.  Holy cow.  Time for a new obsession!  Who needs a scale?!  Not me.  Which works just fine since mine was taken away.  Don’t tell or they will take away my measuring tape, too.  In one week, I’ve lost:

Waist 1 3/4”
Hips 1”
Chest 1/2”
Arms 1/2”
Thighs 1/2”

Craziness!  This swimming stuff really works wonders, doesn’t it?!  Now, I will confess my true feelings.  One of those areas is the least desirable area for women to lose inches, but I am proudly willing to give that up for the sake of scientific data.  Plus, I’ll be more streamline.              


  1. Congrats on your excellent progress! I too got back in the pool this spring after many, many years absence from competitive swimming. I'm not doing masters, just working out solo, because I prefer ultra long distance now, with open water ambitions - and it's been totally good for my weight loss & health too. :)

    I found your blog & twitter feed on See Joe Swim - awesome to find another PNW comeback swimmer.


  2. Thanks, Jeri! Great blog that you have! I've added yours to my blogroll (hope that's ok!). So nice to see another PNW person here. I applaud you for your desire to swim open water! I'm just not sure I can "go there"!. :D I grew up in CA, and wow, water is cold up here!

  3. Of course! I blogrolled you as well. And - Green Lake and Lake Washington were both about 68 degrees, just fine for me w/o a wetsuit. About half the swimmers in Lake Washington were wearing one though. Not quite up to trying the Sound though, at 54 degrees. ;)

    Next up, the "Monster Mile" in Lacey, indoors this time, at the end of Oct.