Friday, September 11, 2009

Oops, I Did it Again!

Week one is behind me and my goal was met.  Not only did I get myself to the pool on Wednesday and today, but I really swam both times!  Pretty cool, eh?  Not sure how many meters I swam today but it was as least as much as Wednesday, and still hurt like hell.  I do not recommend a 18 year vacation to anyone, by the way.  Definitely not a wise idea.

This team does a lot more IM sets and drill work than I was ever used to doing.  It’s been interesting and fun to learn new things, and wow, has the sport ever changed!  I have to re-learn legal flip turns and underwater stuff for my first meet!  LOL!  It is not as simple as swimming from one end of the pool to the other. 

Rock hard body bikini girl was back in action today, too.  Damn.  I was hoping to get one workout ahead of her!  I’m going to be proudly wearing one of those suits before you know it.  Bikini girl probably has like six kids and still has a rockin’ body.  Oh well.  I’m still losing the baby weight.  I have an excuse. <ahem, it’s almost been 8 years since the Trooper was born, who’s counting?>

Another interesting thing from today’s workout – mirrors on the bottom of the pool.  Let me first say that I’ve seen “The Girls Next Door” episode with mirrors on the ceiling, but NEVER have I seen mirrors on the bottom of the pool.  Coach says they are there so you can see yourself and correct technique problems.  I said, okay.  I’ll do backstroke when it is MY turn for the mirrors, thank you very much.  I just returned from a 18 year swim-cation and I most DEFINTELY do NOT want to look at myself in the mirror! 

So… on to Monday’s practice.  I am sure that I’ll be sore as all get out tomorrow.  And guess who is coaching on Monday?  The sweet little punk who shares a name with the Trooper.  Oh joy.  Maybe I’ll give him a little hell just because I can.

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