Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When Did They Start Making Suits So Much Smaller?

Someone fill me in on this.  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.  When did Speedo start making suits for tiny people?  I bought a suit today from a vendor who was spending the day at our pool.  I thought, “Oh GOODY!  I get to shop before workout!!!”  So I did.  I needed new goggles badly (the ones I had leaked all the time) and I thought it would be FUN to get a new racing suit (I mean, who wears the same racing suit twice at a meet?  You need multiple!).  I looked through the racks, and glanced at all the cool suits and ended up buying, what I thought, was a quite generous size 30.  My workout suit is a 36 (and is big, I might add).  I thought a 30 would be just peachy.  When I was 16 and 17, I raced in 22’s and 24’s.  I went to workout in 26’s.  30’s were for fat people!

Fast forward to me, standing in my bathroom tonight with the door shut.  Shut and locked.  Trying to squeeeezzzeeeee into this #%$#)^%_ size 30 suit.  And when I say squeeze, I mean SQUEEZE!  They same kind of squeeze that used to get me into a 22 got me into a 30.  T-H-I-R-T-Y.  I stood there for at least 10 minutes trying to figure out how I would get it off.  (OMG!  What if it was WET?)  Alas, I was able to.  Quite frankly, my ego is never going to recover.

Oh, and one other thing.  Squeezing your fat butt into a suit is not *nearly* as cute at age 35 as at age 15.  The affect it has on your body is just not the same.  You DON’T look cute.  You look HUGE.

Here are some pictures of the culprit.  God, I love this suit.  Make me able to fit it someday.  Because I have no freaking clue how I can return or exchange it!!!  The 2nd picture is the style of the back, but not the same suit.

 8199018_5675 axcelback

Yes.  I SWEAR they make them smaller now.  Me, bigger?  Nah.  Thank goodness the goggles worked out. 


  1. I swear they make them smaller, too. I'm actually the same weight more or less than I was years ago. Maybe it's moved around, but still. I have to wear a 34. I used to wear a 28 or 30. I think you are right! Did the suit manufacturers ever think of what this might do to our self-esteems? How are they going to improve their businesses, when they make swimmers too depressed to keep going?

  2. Oh Thank GOD, Katie. I love you! :-) Thank you for confirming that I'm not losing my mind. Actually, I looked at the suit more and it isn't made of Lycra, so it's not as stretchy as the suits we used to wear. Duh. You'd think I would have noticed that?! It's made out of some polyester blend that is supposed to hold its color and shape longer. Go figure. It's trying to hold its shape, I'm trying to squeeze it onto my shape. Nice.