Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Am I The Last Person To Know How Awesome Zoomers Are?

You people have been keeping a HUGE secret from me!  Come on now, I thought we were friends!  Today I wore Zoomers during practice.  Good lord!  Those babies are a flippin’ miracle!  (I just realized I made a punny!!!  HA!).  I am going to start wearing them during workouts for awhile.  They definitely allow me to go further and for a longer period of time than without them.  And since I’m still in the “get in shape” mode, I think longer and further will help.  Coach agreed.  I seriously felt like my “old” swimming self.  I felt FAST!  Yay!

In other not-related-to-Zoomers swimming news, Bikini Girl is injured and just not up to par.  Too bad she is so incredibly nice because I’m really starting to feel a tremendous amount of guilt for talking smack about her!  Just wait until she discovers my blog!  LOL!  You know it is bound to happen.  How embarrassing!  I live in a small town, and well, the swimming community is a pretty small world.  So I’m issuing my heartfelt apology now, because you know as soon as she sees this she will read it ALL (I would anyway…):

C (Bikini Girl), I really like you a lot.  Not only do I like you as a person, but you also make my stories so much more entertaining!  Thank you for relighting my competitive fire.  Forgive me?  Maybe?  Think about it?  XOXO

Alright.  Maybe the XOXO’s are a tad bit much, but I really do feel bad. 

But here’s the thing.  We are about to start an IM set today at workout and Coach says “It’s too bad <Bikini Girl> is injured, I’d like to see if you could keep up with her during this set.”  Whoa.  Stop right there.  KEEP UP WITH HER??? 

I started the set (it started with a 300m IM.  What’s that you say?  Yeah I did, too.  75m of each stroke.  DUH!  I had a huge red L on my forehead after asking THAT question).  Prior to today, I hadn’t swam more than about 20m of butterfly in 18 years.  I swam 75m of fly after his “keep UP with her” comment.  Heh!  I am SO going to show him.  Keep up with her… sheesh!  (This is all prior to me putting on the Zoomers, by the way).  That comment stuck with me for the rest of the workout.  Thus the Zoomers.  Swim longer, swim further.  It is time to up my game, peeps.  I am not going to workout each day to keep up with people.  I’m going to workout to be faster than them at meets!  

I think I need to go to yoga now to recover from today’s madness.  Ommmmmmmm….. 

How much you wanna bet that he made that comment to me on purpose?


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  1. It's kinda funny, but I think everyone except the people I work out with know I have a blog... who knows, maybe bikini girl will never figure it out :)