Monday, September 14, 2009

Snorting Water = Brain Burn

I’m starting this story with the ending: When you are so tired at practice that you start snorting water up your nose like a 6&U swimming their first summer league race ever, it’s time to get out and go home. Take note of that one, friends. Know when to say when before you have brain burn.

Monday’s workout was being run by the twenty-something coach who shares a name with the Trooper. Oh yay. I was my normal cheerful self, however, and didn’t even comment on the fact that he looked like he had spent the last 8 weeks in a tanning bed.

I shared a lane with bikini girl and got started with the workout. It felt a little more comfortable than last week, but still painful. The good news is that I swam a total of 1,500 meters and didn’t feel like I was going to cough up a lung.

I was getting ready to do the last set (6x100’s) which back in the day, wouldn’t even make me breathe hard. I swam the first one and I was thinking, wow, I’m getting pretty tired. Part way through the first lap of the 2nd one, I decided to change it to 50’s instead of 100’s. On the next 50 I snorted more water up my nose by accident than was left in my 1/2 full water bottle and decided it was time to call it a day. I can’t remember the last time I had that whole brain burn sensation going on. I can tell you it has been at least 18 years, but probably more like 28 years!

On to the next practice… Wednesday. I just hope I can get out of bed tomorrow.


  1. oh great, something new to look forward to, snorting water. I don't know how I've missed that one.

    of course, now that I know about it, there is no way it's not happening tomorrow morning.

  2. HAHAHA! I hope you continue to avoid brain burn. It is no bueno.